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Buying a car can be a questionable time in your life. Most people are not sure how to properly purchase a car. There are too many options and if you don’t know much about cars it is easy to get swindled. This is where Truecar comes in they are the web hub for people looking to buy cars their motive is save you money. It is always smart to compare prices of cars from dealers in your area before just going in to a random dealer and buying a car on impulse. You can even read about reviews on car dealers to see who is good and who you should avoid.

About Truecar

Truecar over the past few years has become a household name among American consumers. They are the go to source online to find car dealers and merchants in your area that sell the cheapest cars. Think of Truecar as the Amazon of the car industry except they are not marketplace. They are simply a price comparison website that finds and compares local car dealers near you that carry the specific car models that you searched for at the lowest prices. When it comes to buying cars from dealers, a rule of thumb is never pay MSRP.

How To Search For Lowest Price Cars With Truecar

For demonstration purposes we will use the Kia Optima for our car model and 97810 for our zip code.

A – You will need to visit the main website –

B – Select your car brand on the left.

C – Now select the car model on the right.

D – Input your zip code and press go. (This service is only for citizens in the United States)

E – Now Trucar will create a report for certified car dealers in your area that carry your select car model at the lowest cost.

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