How To Track Your Fedex Package Online

About Fedex:

Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, the FedEx Corporation specializes in US logistic services and was founded in 1971. It operates a wide range of services worldwide which range from FedEx Express to FedEx Ground, and many more as they cover a vast variety of transport needs. For the purpose of this article we will be discussing the simplicity of tracking your packages when using FedEx.

What FedEx Does For You:

On the FedEx / Kinkos website, you can create slips for shipping packages, envelops or express freight. You can even schedule a pick up and order shipping supplies. Whether sending or receiving a shipment, they can be tracked online via a tracking number. Getting quick access to rates, transit time calculations, online bill pay or updating your address book is a synch once you sign into your account. Rest assured that tracking your FedEx smartpost¬†shipment is simple when doing it online and can track the ground location. All you need is your tracking number or the door tag number. That’s it and the latest delivery details about your package will be available to you instantly. Another great feature is up to 30 Fed Ex tracking numbers can be entered at a time and saved online if necessary. Service type, weight, and shipment travel history will all be included in the tracking details along with the local time which will be displayed automatically.

How To Track FedEx Smartpost Ground Shipping?

With internet access, all of that is available after following a few quick and easy steps.

First, go to

Next, visit the site and click on “Track a Shipment”.

Next, enter the tracking, door tag or office number and click “Track”.

Voila, there you have it, all the tracking information you needed will pop up.

Note: If you register with the FedEx site, you can even save your tracking and shipping details. Armed with this knowledge, you can now ship with the confidence of knowing where your packages are every step of the way.

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