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Sean Gardner stated, “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”. Gardner should know what he is talking about since he is a huge presence in social media law.

Social networking is here to stay. It has helped:

  • Businesses,
  • Individuals,
  • Brands,
  • B2B companies
  • Social causes and
  • Government bodies too.

In a world that is seemingly dominated by names such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, there is one social networking site that has made a niche for itself thanks to the unique value proposition that it offers its users. This network is Tagged.

What is Tagged?

This company is a social discovery site that was established in 2004 by Johann Schleier-Smith and Greg Tseng. The top management of the company have plenty experience and expertise to create exclusive social discovery products.

The success of this San Francisco based company is best detailed in numbers:

  • 300 million registered numbers
  • Members hailing from more than 220 countries
  • 2.4 million matches every day because of the product called Meet Me
  • Top 10 best places to work, according to Business Times
  • 200 million unique monthly users

The Tagged family

The Tagged Family has grown by leaps and bounds and has notched up a few important milestones for itself.

Digsby is now a Tagged company. Digsby is a social client and an instant messaging platform.

Tagged has also acquired WeGame. This acquisition gave Tagged access to a gaming application.

Tagged has also acquired hi5 which has contributed majorly to its user base.

Tagged has also got into partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, PhotoBucket, Meebo and Bebo and even LinkedIn to name just a few. Some of these partnerships are active.

All of them have contributed to the betterment of the technological and user experience that Tagged can offer.

All of this simply means that it is indeed a very good idea to sign up for a Tagged account. Incidentally, signing up for a Tagged account is extraordinarily easy. You can do so with your email id or your Facebook account.

Official Website – www.tagged.com

Mobile application

Tagged has also made it possible for all major operating systems to offer its mobile application to its users. Downloading this application will thus give you 24×7 access to your network.

Interestingly, Tagged had initially limited itself to the teen crowd but ever since it removed this “age bar”, it has attracted a huge population from the ages of 13 plus. The company states that 74% of its users are above the age of 21.

What makes Tagged so unique?

It is a great social platform to be a part of. Perhaps the one unique feature of Tagged is the fact that it focuses on offering social discovery rather than social networking. The idea is to get people to make new connections rather than merely fostering ties with existing friends. As Tseng says, the idea is to become a leader in “some other space” and therefore the focus is on meeting new people.

Signing up for Tagged, therefore gives you the opportunity to be a part of a new relationship and an exciting experience.

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