How To Create & Login Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy has hundreds of stores scattered all over the US, and some provinces and cities in Canada. The Old Navy credit card account service was introduced by the company, so cardholders can go online to check the status of their accounts. The service is quite comprehensive and even allows cardholders check what rewards they are eligible for, check their credit balance, and even view their recent shopping sprees at Old Navy or any of its affiliate stores. The company aims to help their customers fully enjoy their shopping experience and never have to worry about their accounts.

More information on the Old Navy credit card eServices

Old Navy is one of the largest RTW brands in the country and in the world. People who love shopping for Old Navy products usually apply for Old Navy credit cards that entitle them to special discounts and promos. They can also redeem points that can be used to get discounts – discounts on Tuesdays and avail of special birthday promos. Card holders of the Old Navy credit card can use it when shopping at various Old Navy affiliate stores like Piperlime, Gap, Athleta etc. They are afterall one of Americas favorite brand stores selling everything by their brand, so you will notice if you visit their stores nearly all their clothes are the “Old Navy” brand.

Steps to manage Old Navy credit card accounts online

What you need

  • Have an Old Navy credit card
  • A computer that is connected to the internet

Steps to follow

  1. Visit the website for the Old Navy Credit Card eServices –
  2. For new applicants, look for the “register” button under the “new users”.

  1. Check your card for the account number and key it in.
  2. Click on the “continue” button
  3. Instructions to complete the registration process will be provided. Follow them as directed.
  4. Log in once you have completed the process and check your online account.

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