Employment Opportunity With Georgia DOL

Employment is never a fun subject to touch. We get this can be a hectic time for you. In life sometimes you lose your job but its not the end of the world. Sometimes when one door closes another opens up. If your here you’re probably looking for more information regarding employment or unemployment help. This website is dedicated to helping you get back on your feet and make your tomorrow a better one. Cheers to you on taking the initiative to go out and find a solution to your problem.

What The DOL Of Georgia State Is:

The Department Of Labor (DOL) is a website ran by the employment administration for unemployed individuals living in the state of Georgia. The point of the website is for individuals between jobs to come and get assistance with unemployment benefits. The website has many distinct options from claiming your unemployment benefits to helping you find a job. The website caters to three markets of employment, the employer looking for employees. the out of work consumer looking for a job, and come and register for unemployment and claiming weekly benefits. We understand how tough this time can be for you if you are out of work and looking for a job. We advise you to never giver up because there are always jobs out there, just keep looking with your head up high.


How To Begin Employment Process With DOL Of Georgia:

Part A: Claiming Weekly Benefits

A. Go to the main website for the DOL – www.dol.state.ga.us

B. Now click on the “get unemployment assistance” picture on the upper right hand side.

C. Now navigate over to the “file an unemployment insurance claim” link.

D. You are now given two options. You can file for regular unemployment assistance or the emergency assistance.

E. Please choose the option accordingly to your situation and note that you are required to be actively searching for a job.

Part B: Job Search

A. Go back to the main DOL website.

B. On the mid right click on the “find a job” picture.

C. If you go to the “Georgia Job Openings” option you will now be sent to the DOL search engine for jobs located near you.

D. Now its up to you to make apply for these jobs. Good Luck.

If you are signed up to receive unemployment benefits then don’t forget to file your weekly claims.

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