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Clear TV, a digital HDTV antenna, provides you an option to watch broadcast TV channels free of cost. Now you can enjoy your favorite broadcast TV over-the-air channels in your region through Clear TV antenna. It also comes with an amplifier that is aimed at increasing the intermittent or weak signals. Through the ‘As Seen on TV Clear TV Digital HD Antenna’, more than enough popular network TV shows, events, local weather and news, sporting, children’s programs, etc. Just fit your Clear TV cable in ‘cable TV’ socket or antenna of your television. Then, either put the antenna with some external wall or stick it on your room by means of providing suction cups or wall. This unit circumvents satellite and cable service providers and carries free of charge over-the-air programs straight to your television.

A Honest Clear TV Review You Can Trust 

The overall dimensions of this product are: 7.75 inches by 7.75 inches that is too small to carry with you anywhere. Also, what are you paying for this state-of-the-art product, just $19.95 for HD TV Antenna unit and $7.99 for its handling and processing. By paying extra $7.99 as handling and processing charges, you can avail double free offer i.e. two Clear TV Antennas only for $19.95. Don’t miss out this preliminary economical offer of the day. What’s more to that, if you will buy it from Las Vegas ‘As Seen on TV’ stores after April 2014 you can save up to $2.

How To Buy The “As Seen On TV” Product Clear TV HD Antenna :

Step 1: Open Clear TV official webpage at ->

Step 2: Click on ‘Order Now’ button, and it’ll take you to Clear TV Digital HD Antenna Checkout Form.

Step 3: Select from giving order options and provide your shipping info, such as your shipping Address, City/State, Zip code, as well as your billing address.

Step 4: Type in your credit card info to pay for your order.

Step 5: Once you complete the checkout form, you need to click on ‘PLACE YOUR ORDER!’ so as to finalize the process.

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