$1000 Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes

Dollar General is all ears for its valued customers hence the online survey plan got laid. Have your say as it will be heard. Let your feelings be known about us and help us to learn and grow. This seems to be the motto of Dollar General in general. And they seem to be honest at that one.

Facts about Dollar General and online survey

Dollar General, a well-known variety chain store which has made impressions in about 9300 locations and is scattered over thirty five U.S. states. Also branded as mini ‘Walmart’ or ‘Target’, their addresses are mostly in small malls or in neighborhood shopping centers. Their outlook is to carter for the demands of local customers, and of course, you can get branded products here at reasonably cheaper price than in the bigger stores.

Yes, they have their reasons to go ahead with their survey policy.as the feedback from their customers have helped Dollar General to evolve and grow. From small mall stores they are leaping forward to venture in standalone shopping stores.

If you are the chosen one and get a survey code from Dollar General, you become eligible to take the survey. It is the code printed at the back of your Dollar General shopping receipt. And all you need to do is share your shopping experience at one of the many out-lets of this chain of stores. You can voice out your opinions and suggestions for improvements. This under taking of yours gets you one entry into the monthly sweepstakes. There are three lucky ones for each period who go home smiling with $1,000 under their belts.

The inputs that you give while undertaking the survey are kept completely confidential. No one can get to know the answers that you gave. Though your answers and opinions can be anonymously shared with other customers to apprise them of the facts and make them learn from it.

The inputs you give are taken seriously and Dollar General ensures that based on the feedbacks what suggestions can and should be implemented. They can even evaluate their employees as some suggestion and opinions may pertain to certain employee who either did a good job or fumbled it.

How To Participate In The Survey

  • The Two Golden Rules
  1. You are only eligible for the sweepstakes if you are a legal resident of United States and are 18 years or older.
  2. The first and foremost requirement for you to take a sweep at the sweepstakes is the shopping receipt from Dollar General with the essential survey code printed on its back.

Take Survey

  1. Visit the Dollar General Survey website – www.dollargeneralsurvey.com
  2. Get familiar with the “Rules, Regulations and Privacy Policy” before undertaking the survey.
  3. Click on “Next Screen” and you will be redirected to next page.
  4. Choose your preferred language option and again click the “Next Screen” button.
  5. Enter the survey code and proceed to fill out the survey form.
  6. Upon completion you will get one online entry into monthly sweepstakes and with it an opportunity to win the Grand Prize of $1,000 given monthly.

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