CorrLinks Inmate Email Login

Corrlinks offers inmates with a program dedicated to allowing them to get and send email to their loved ones outside of prison. Corrlinks email login is great for inmates it allows them to keep up with the world outside and what’s going on with friends and family through the comfort of the internet.

About  the CorrLink Inmate Email Program?

Corrlinks is the inmate email program used by the FBOP ( Federal Bureau of Prison ). The FBOP decided to use this implement this program because it was the most efficient way for inmates to login and send and get emails to the their loved ones and keep in contact because they understand that communication with the outside world is very important with the safeguard of the middle man screening all digital email and mail will be intercepted by authority’s if they suspect malicious purposes. This is a great way for communication between inmates and the outside world because traditional mail can take weeks, while email can take only up to a few hours. For inmates in prison this for access to Corrlinks this is will cost a small fee, because of many hours spent keeping the program open for prisons.

How Do I Access CorrLinks Inmate Email?

  • How Do I Send Out emails, and Receive Emails With the Corrlinks program? ( For Recipient Outside Prison )

Step 1 – Put your email and password to begin the Corrlinks program.

Step 2 – Put your inmate number of who you want to  contact into your email address book.

Step 3 – You must have the “inmate number” and the “identification code” added as a contact to your email address book to contact the inmate.

Step 4 – Then you can go to your mail and type out a new message to send out or receive email to and from the inmate.
Now you can send emails to and from inmates in prison and they do the same out, This will be  powered by Corrlinks Email Program and does cost a small fee.

  • What Do I Need? ( For Inmates & For Recipient Outside Prison  )

1. A credit card. (MasterCard or Visa) , Either the Inmate or Recipient must fund their Corrlinks Email account for continue use.

2. The recipient outside must add the”inmate’s email” to their contact.

3. The recipient must know the inmate’s “identification number“.

  • How Do I Sign Up CorrLinks System? ( For Inmates )

Step 1 – You must have a “invite email” from the Corrlinks program and the “identification code”.

Step 2 – If you don’t have an existing account.  Press “register” then follow the instructions.

Step 3 – Wait for your Corrlinks Email Login account to be approved.

Step 4 – You can know login with your email login and password.

Helpful Links

  1. FBOP (Federal Bureau Of Prisons) Frequently Asked Questions page:
  2. Corrlinks Inmate Email Frequently Asked Questions page:
  3. Corrlinks Inmate Email Login:


  1. Are there alternatives to corrlinks? I hate paying them!

  2. Great web site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find excellent writing like yours these days. I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  3. Is there a way to video chat through corrlink to my spouse in prison?

  4. Is there a way to send money through the corrlink site?

    • Hi Patricia,

      No. Corrlinks is a email service. The inmate is the person that must pay to use the service. But there is not way to send money through this service.

  5. Do I have to pay to email as well?

  6. i had a corrlinks account for an inmate that was in the Iowa system. a couple of years ago. But now i want to email an inmate in the illnois system. would that acct. still b good and am i able to use in Illnois?

    if im reading the paperwork right i gather ill. correctinal system doesnt have E-mail usage for inmates is that correct?

  7. como puedo leer mis mail

  8. How can I know how many people my inmate send emails everyday?

  9. my first timeinthelink

  10. deborah louise jewell

    sean this is pauls mom theres stuff in my yahoo u sent but i dont know wat to do with it i dont undersatand it so is there anyway u can help me with it i dont know if my son told or not comprehending problem so yea its big and i need help.ok thanks

  11. greg I told kacy to let you know to start the process for my email. I have 24 hours to answer which ends at 10pm.

  12. why do we have to pay for corrlinks

  13. i need to be conncected with Atrist Mcgraw

  14. Bonnie Hinkeldey

    I have been on corrlinks for the last 5-6 yrs. but can’t find it oin my computer at all..can you fill me in on what happened?? Bonnie Hinkeldey..thank you..

  15. I have an account but I can never just log in….even tonight I am unable to access the system…I never get alerts that I have received an email…it doesn’t come to my email address at all…my daughter-in-law receives her messages like a text…straight to her phone….I detest this system.

  16. does Ashland ky camp have video chat and when will they be getting it

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