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One of the latest innovations in the banking system is the introduction of online banking. It is an extremely useful service which facilitates the customer to access his account online and can do transactions as well. It is an ideal service if you want to have a close check on your transactions while away or on the move. Further online banking saves you from standing in long bank queues; and you also don’t need to plan your day according to the banking hours. You don’t have to wait for you bank statement to check your balance. Rather, you can check your balance anytime you want. Some hidden benefits can be to check the exact interest rate that you get on your investments and savings.

Getting Help With Your Regions Online Banking Account

Regions bank has got everything that you look for in a modern bank. The facilities are top class with exceptional customer service. Most of the bank customers have certain important queries which they want to be answered very quickly. Regions Bank on their website has given a very user friendly customer support system. In order to simplify and narrow the customer support services, Regions Bank has given several Toll free phone numbers on their website according to the types of queries. The customer support system is categorized in to basic customer service support, Mortgage customer service, client services (Business and individual), Fraud reporting services, online banking customer service, Debit/credit card customer services etc. Therefore, the customer can directly call his intended number in order to avoid the long waiting queues on the phone otherwise.

How To Contact Regions Online Banking Customer Support Department

By Phone :

Regions Customer Service Center 1-800-734-4667
Online Banking Customer Service 1-800-472-2265
Visa CheckCard Customer Service 1-800-295-8472
Regions Credit Card Customer Service 1-800-253-2265
Lost or Stolen Regions CheckCard 1-800-295-8472
Revolving Credit / Home Equity Line 1-800-231-7493
Client Services / Business & Commercial 1-800-787-3905
Regions Mortgage Customer Service 1-800-986-2462
Regions Mortgage Origination Center 1-877-536-3286
Report Fraud 1-800-734-4667

By Online Banking Account :

Step A – Visit the Region online banking portal. ->

Step B – On the bottom click on “support”.

Step C – Open a ticket regarding your inquiry.

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