Contact Inmates With Offender Connect Program

Everyone wants to stay connected with their loved ones. Sometimes when people get incarcerated the lines of communication between the offender and their loved ones can get interrupted. For offenders the silence of not being able to hear from their loved ones is a emotional nightmare and vice versa. Sometimes when you have loved ones incarcerated just hearing from them once a day, week, or month. Hearing them tell you how their day is going can be the highlight to their day, and for their loved ones hearing the offender say they’re are doing okay can mean much more than words can explain.

What Is Offender Connect

The Offender Connect program is dedicated towards bringing telecommunication services to inmate offenders and their loved ones. Basically you deposit money into your Offender Connect account. then you will be able to connect via telephone to your loved ones. When you deposit money into your account you will get credits that will be dedicated for every minute you connect with your loved ones. Another part of this program is when you add credits to the account the inmate will be able to use the credit to buy supplies and goodies with the credits if it is not used up on  telecommunication services. So if you don’t use up all the credits on talk time the inmate your trying to connect to can use the remaining for their personal goods.

How To Create Offender Connect Account

A. First you need to visit the main portal for Offender Connect services –

B. Next below the sign in section, click on the button that says “Sign Up”.

C. After reading the Terms Of Use. If you agree to their terms, then press on accept to be navigated to the next part of the sign up process.

D.  Now you follow the steps below, enter your personal information.

E. When you near the end you will need to confirm you account.

F. After account confirmation you will need to fund you account.

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