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If you live in Georgia and need help paying for child care, paying rent, or even paying for food, consider seeking help through GA COMPASS. The Georgia Common Point of Access to Social Services, part of Georgia’s Department of Human Services, was founded in order to make it very easy and convenient for those who need help to get it, by quickly finding out If they are eligible for benefits and then to receive them. This equal opportunity organization provides assistance for all eligible residents of Georgia.

What Benefits Can You Receive Through GA COMPASS?

GA COMPASS offers many benefits to eligible residents, including Child Care and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Housing Assistance, Energy Assistance, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.

It is easy to find out if you are eligible for any benefits offered by GA COMPASS. Simply go to their website, where you can find your eligibility status and apply for benefits to those programs which you are eligible. You can also use the system to check your application status, and once approved, you can manage your COMPASS account from the site as well, which makes it very efficient as well as easy.

GA COMPASS: How to use it

You’ll need a computer with internet access

You must be a legal resident of the state of Georgia.


A. Go to the GA COMPASS website:

You’ll see large buttons stretched across the screen: “Am I eligible,” “Apply for Benefits,” Application Status Check,” “My COMPASS Account,” and “Partners/Providers.

Applying is a three step process. First, you need to see for what programs you are eligible.

B. Click on the “Am I eligible?” button

C. Read this page, which gives you a brief overview of the questions the site will be asking, on “people in your home, the money you get from a job or other places, your housing costs and a few other bills.”

D.  Click on the “Next” button

E. You’ll see a list of services. Click on each one that you want to find out if you are eligible for, and click next.

F. Fill in all requested personal information.

It will take you about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which will then tell you if you are eligible for the various programs.

G. Once you are informed if you are eligible, you, go back and click on the “Apply for Benefits” button.

H. Select “Start a new application”, and click on the “Next” button.

I.  Fill in all the required information. You’ll go from screen to screen answering a variety of questions. Once you’ve finished the questionnaire, simply close out of the site.

J. It will take a few days to process your application. Check back on a regular basis, by returning to the site and clicking on the “Application Status Check” button.

K. Once you learn that you are accepted, you can manage your account using the “My COMPASS Account” button.


  1. i was told by someone at the social security office, to apply for QMB so that I can recieve help with my co-payments and fuel assitance. Please help me with this if you can

    • Hi Evelyn,

      We will definably look into this issue and see if we can write a guide for this! For now I do suggest calling the QMB directly and fuel assistance program directly to make sure of their requirements because each state is different in regulation.

  2. I need someone to look into my medcare and food stamp for my kids everytime I ask about it or call my distrit office I get the run around and when they tell me to hold on to check the information the line hangs up on me then I have to dial all over again to hear the phone hang up again what cam we do? I ther anyone we can talk to

    • Hi Lanise,

      You should go see them in person and bring all your paperwork. Tell them what you want on the phone, then ask what they need from you, then schedule an appointment.

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