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Capital One bank is a USA company in the financial industry, headquartered in Virginia, Founded in 1988 and is open to the public. Capital One banking services the public with credit cards, loans and checking/saving accounts. They have been one of the big 4 largest banking company’s since 1990’s. As of 2012 they have over 39,000+ employees with a yearly revenue of about $21.4 billion. You may also know the company as CapitalOne 360 a sub company of theirs, previously known as ING Direct. If you were a customer of ING Direct they were bought out by Capital One in late 2007 and today is known as CapitalOne 360.

Capital One Banking Online:

The great think about joining Capital One banking is because they have a beneficial rewards program for their members. If you have a bank account with them and open a credit card and you spend with the credit card you get points for every $100 spent. The amount of rewards vary from program and type of credit card you select. The great thing is the reward points cant be used as cash back, they never expire and no limit to the amount of reward points you can get.

Capital One Rewards:

  • Points you earn have no expiration date.
  • No limit to amount of points you can get.
  • Use points to automatically pay your bills
  • Different reward options depending on how much you spend.

What do I need to sign up?

  • Your name, address, social security number, and state ID (identification card)
  • A Capital One Account ( made in person for security reasons)

Apply for Capital One Banking Online:

Step 1 – Visit the banks website at

Step 2 – Select your account, then input your account id.

Step 3 – Input personal information to apply for online banking function to be added to your account.

Step 4 – Once you apply and get your credit card in the mail. If you want to join the Capital One Rewards program visit 

Step 5 – You are know a member of the Capital One Bank Rewards program! Use the link in Step 4 to activate and sign in.

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