How To Apply & Claim Weekly Unemployment For Washington WA

Unemployment is a tough issue and surviving without money doesn’t get easier. Everyone has a life to live and a family or themselves to feed. We will hold your hand and guide to you to find to applying and claiming weekly unemployment checks for citizens in Washington State. This guide is dedicated to people living in the north west and are currently unemployed. If you are employed this guide is NOT for you. Unemployment benefits are only for those currently going through a rough time and are currently out of work but are constituently on a search for employment.

About Unemployment In Washington (ESD)

Its a important to note that each state offers different regulation in how unemployment benefits are disbursed. The government branch is in control of all unemployment disbursements. They operate under Esd.Wa.Gov the web portal is the main branch for all state wide unemployment and employment issues. ESD stands for (Employment Security Department) and this branch is dedicated to citizens from the rocky North Western state of Washington. We advise you to always stay up to date on the regulation of the requirements for your specific employment issues.

Facts About Employment Security Department

  • They are a government owned website and all the staff on hand work for the government.
  • Each state may have their own version of the ESD.
  • The ESD of WA is dedicated only to employment and unemployment issues.
  • They work directly with Go2WorkSource a program

How To Apply For Washington State Unemployment Benefits

A. Visit the main government website for GO2ui – or . Go2ui is the previous name they were operating under before switching to a more sustainable government domain.

B. Now click the on “apply for unemployment benefits”.

C. Read the requirements located below the page.

D. If you meet those criterias then proceed and return to the top of the page and click on the  “online application for unemployment .


How To Claim Weekly Benefits

A. Go back to the main page.

B. Click on “file a weekly claim”.

C. Select the “weekly unemployment claim” link.

D. Click continue , then you will be asked for your information each week to verify you are unemployed and still need the check for that week.

D. This will be the process you go through each week to file for that current weeks unemployment check. Also consider if you enter that page and close it you will not be able to return for 10 minutes.

Reminder: When you no longer need unemployment benefits then stop filing for the weekly claims. This will automatically stop the government from sending you money.


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