Jetnet American Airlines Employee Benefits

American Airlines Work Life
It can be pretty hectic at times. But also a calm and nurturing work environment with great co workers there to help you succeed in your work. There are new people every single hour coming and leaving with a lot of work for the employees to do. There are many jobs you can do for the company from pilot, to shop keeper, to custodians. The list goes on and on. American Airlines is constantly employing workers to manage this multi billion dollar company. So if your in search of work then AA might be a good choice for you.

What is the American Airlines Jetnet Program?
The Jetnet program is a program for employees of American Airlines. Depending on the type of job you do for the company you may be eligible for company benefits. Jetnet is the official companies benefits page listing everything employees can receive from 401k to medical benefits. So if you are a current or past employee for the company your best bet is to register and login Jetnet to see if you are eligible for benefits you might not have known you were capable of receiving.

What I Will Need:
You need American Airlines employee number.( Every employee is given this number when they are officially working for the company. )

How Do I Get Started:
A. Go to the Official AA website for employees. –
B. Press the “Help” button located on the bottom right of the sign in box.

C. A pop up will appear. Click the “First time user registration ”

D. Now enter your User ID. (User ID is your employee number.)
E. Press Submit.

F. You should get an email verification from the Jetnet welcoming you to the companies benefits site.
G. That’s it. In the future whenever you want to check your benefits be sure to login your account to check and updates.

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