Albertsons Monopoly 2014 In Progress. Rare Pieces Are Limited

The Albertsons 2014 Monopoly game has officially begun. Many will enter, few will win. What you probably did not know about the game is there a ton of common pieces and very limited rare pieces.  For example, there are only a handful of million dollar game pieces made. That means the rest of the pieces are mass produced and very easy to get. So if a winning piece is in a store that is not in your state your out of luck. Albertsons has over 200 stores participating in this years Monopoly game. The thing about Monopoly is everyone who plays thinks they have a chance. The odds of winning the million dollar prize is 1 to 133 million. The odds may not be great, but hey there is still a chance.

Why Albertsons Do The Monopoly Game Each Year

They make money. They can afford to give away a couple million dollars worth of prizes, plus some of the prizes go unclaimed. However, the consumer rush over buying more foods and drinks from their store will equal to much more than the total dollar value of the prizes they give away. A lot of people will buy foods and drinks they don’t even need just to get a game piece. It is also important to note that the million dollar cash prize is split into a 30 year annuity, meaning you will only get around $33k per year for 30 years and that is not including tax. The odds are about the same for the dream home as well, the upside with that is you don’t need to wait 30 years to have your full prize in hand. Whatever you decide it might be helpful to see the prize chart below.

The thing about Monopoly is you might get all the pieces for a specific prize and you are only missing one piece. Well in most cases the pieces you have will have the common pieces, and the piece your missing is the rare piece. The rare pieces are not easy to get either.


  1. Well I know I’ve been playing this game ever since they started doing it and never won so much as 2.00 dollars with thousands of tickets left over …So its true you do have to go to other stores to get the game pieces you need ? Well that sucks for those of us that do not have transportation..So this ends up being a big scam just like everything else in this world….wanting you to spend your money for nothing that you have no chance to win. the odds are worse than the lottery….your more likely to get struck by lightening!!!!Well thanks for the info guess that I will not be shopping there anymore, What a bunch of bull s —-…

  2. Well I’m up for trading. In louisiana and gave

  3. missing J854, K 849, L848, N839, V812 V816, X803 X805 for the big prizes where it can be shared. let me know at Have 1 left to get in all the ones up to K.

  4. I’m also up for trading….there’s a few pieces that I need…the extra ones I keep just in case..also I leave my extras in the store for other people just in case they need them…

  5. I’ve got the rare P835 but need the P832 for the $10,000 family vacation… Any chance someone has it?

  6. Have many many duplicate pieces. Please email at to trade.

  7. Looking for anyone with v816 or x805 or m843 or L848,email me at

  8. My daughter LOVES this game… she is missing 848, 854, 860, 839, 866, 849, 879, 882. If anyone has any of these, pls let me know. Thanks in advance :)

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