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ADP Portal Services is a payroll system designed for people to dispense the payroll more efficiently to the employees. Its a service designed so you can easily manage your workers account and employees can do the same and login for payroll services. To use the ADP services you must have “pass code” given to you by your work place then you may register for ADP Services and login. If you have problems logging in or accessing your ADP account just ask your work place to fix this issue as they have the admin access to make changes to your account.

What is ADP Portal Services

ADP stands for “automatic data processing” its basically a system designed to help employers dispense their payroll to employees easily and vice versa. Employees benefit from the ADP as well because they can login and view all the different options about their payroll and make changes and its all in the system so its harder to make errors when doing payroll.

How Do I Register for ADP Services?

  • What I Do  I Need to Get Started?:
    1. You must have a “pass code” from your employer, this is needed to ensure you will be registered to the correct payroll system.
    2. You must have a computer with internet access to access the online ADP Login Portal Services.
  • How To Get Started Guide:
    1. First go to the ADP self service login portal, then press “first time users” link, then you will be taken to another page just input your information to register. ADP Portal –    
    2. Now put your “pass code” that you previously received from you employer.
    3. Now you just need to verify the following, identity , social security number and birthday.
    4. Now you will get your ADP login and the password will be what you chose previously.

Other Helpful Links

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  1. I forgot my password what do I do?????

  2. I set up my website through my employer some time ago. Everything worked fine for a long time. Now all of a sudden it will no longer accept my information. I enter user id and password but will not connect to site . Any thing i can try?

    • You reset your password by calling up customer support. They might have deactivated your account due to inactivity or another reason.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I don’t know how to register to ADP payroll
    Please email me

  4. I am having problems accessing your site to check my pay stub. It does no good to go paperless when you can’t connect to the adp site!

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