Activating Cricket Phone Online For Free Consumers Guide

Wireless phones have become a necessity in today’s world. They are slowly and steadily taking over the landline phones. Wireless devices were never that popular until the phone market got flooded with the wireless technology and particularly the smart phones. CDMA technology deploys the channel access technique which is used by various radio communication devices. The technology used by CDMA is very secure and it is practically impossible to hack the communicating line. Therefore, it is an ideal setup where security is essential for communication. Further, the signal strength of CDMA phones is far better than any other wireless communication technology. The only problem with CDMA is with the number of users. More the users, poorer is the service. This issue can be resolved by adding more spectrums in to the CDMA wireless network.

Cricket Wireless Make Activating Your Device Easy

Cricket is a big name in United States and they provide one of the top CDMA phone services around. Their CDMA phone deals are negotiable if you are an existing customer. Further, the price plan also depends on the phone that you want to purchase. You can choose to pay monthly over a set period of time which is mostly more than a year. Moreover, some expensive smart phones require depositing some security or down payment as well. The activation and setup of the Cricket phone is quite simple. You just have to log on to Mycricket website and can find all related information about setting up and activating your device at the Support section.

Activating My Cricket Phone Online

Step A – Go to the Cricket Phones website ->

Step B – On the top header, click on the “activate” button.

Step C – Enter your “cricket order number”

Step D – Enter your “mobile number”

Step E – Now click on “submit”, you will be directed to your mycricket account.

Step F – After you are logged in. Follow the proceeding steps with your phone to activate the service.

Note: In the future if you want to check your account balance, minutes, data usage or any other detail relating to your account you can the mycricket portal.

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